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Bridge over the Adige river in Egna

Egna, Italy

Executive design and assembly of steel bridges.

The bridge over the River Adige is composed by a single span of 81.4m with a bowstring arch supporting a 6.5m-wide carriageway, a pedestrian walkway and a cycle path.


SS 117 Viaducts of the route “Centrale Sicula”

Mistretta, Italy

Design of steel decks and steel pier caps of the Rogillo I and II, Montagna and Salice viaducts.

Road viaducts in a composite steel-concrete structure realized with continuous beam of 3 spans (40 + 60 + 40 m , total length of 140m) for the Rogillo I viaduct, 5 spans (45.50 + 3x56.00 + 41 , 50 , total length of 255m) for the Rogillo II viaduct, 6 spans (25 + 45 + 2x66 + 64 + 41, total length of 307m) for the Montagna viaduct, 6 spans (36.5 + 4x61 + 49.5, total length of 330m) for the Salice viaduct.


Bonneville Viaduct on the Highway of the Mont Blanc

Bonneville, France

Detailed design of steel structures.

The Bonneville motorway viaduct consists of a girder deck in a composite system, simply supported over a span of 44 m.


Turin–Milan high-speed line

Line Turin – Milan, Italy